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Mitutoyo Announces Organizational Changes

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Peter Detmers

January 2017 - For the past 10 years, Mr. Shigeyuki Sasaki has provided leadership as vice president, executive vice president and president of our parent corporation, Mitutoyo America. His guidance has created a rich team environment with an emphasis on providing outstanding service to our customers throughout the US and Canada. During his tenure as president, Mr. Sasaki oversaw expansion in virtually every department, as well as the opening of our renovated facility in Mississauga in 2013, marking our 40th anniversary in Canada. As Mr. Sasaki enters his 40th year with Mitutoyo Corporation, he will take on a new assignment and join the team in Germany to support Mitutoyo Europe’s operations. Effective immediately, Mr. Sasaki has assumed an advisory role with Mitutoyo Europe.
Also, effective January 2, 2017, with the recommendation of Mr. Sasaki, Mitutoyo Japan has appointed Mr. Peter Detmers to the role of President of Mitutoyo Canada Inc. Now as President, Peter will continue to focus on expanding our business with an emphasis on supporting our team to be successful as we seek innovative ways to increase our market share.
Mr. Matt Dye has been appointed as President of Mitutoyo America Corporation. During his 21-year career, Matt has served as a distributor of Mitutoyo products and held various positions within Mitutoyo America. For the past five years, Matt has served as Vice President of measuring instrument sales and technical services. During this time, Matt emphasized the importance of customer service and worked to increase the skills and resources available to our sales division. With a background in distribution and strong support of our front line sales partners, Matt will continue to emphasize growth in product performance, individual skill enhancement and the importance of superior customer support.