Environmental Initiatives

Environmental conservation policies

Following the corporate motto, "Good environment, good people, good techniques," the entire company is working toward global environment conservation as one of the major themes of Mitutoyo's corporate activities.

Major activities

  • Strict observance of regulations and prevention of pollution
  • Development of environmentally conscious products based on consideration of the environment
  • Promotion of the efficient use of resources and energy
  • Reduction of harmful materials
  • Reduction of discharge of waste products and promotion of reuse and recycling


Mitutoyo has obtained ISO 14001 certification at each plant in Japan.

March 1999 Utsunomiya Plant
November 1999 Hiroshima Plant
December 1999 Headquarters, Kawasaki Research and Development Center
December 2001 Nakatsugawa Plant

Products & Packaging Materials

solar caliper Solar calipers (calipers using solar battery)
  • Environmentally conscious products
  • Use of environment-friendly buffer
  • Switch to buffer made principally of corn starch from 2000.

Activities at Domestic Plants

Resource and energy saving

  • Reduced use of office paper
  • Reduced use of electricity and fuel

Reduction of harmful materials

  • Reduction of use of dichloromethane, thinner
  • Development of substitute processing technology to replace wet-type chrome plating

Reduction of waste products

  • Reuse of packing and packaging materials
  • Recycling of paper and plastics

Greening activities

As activities for a "good environment," which is part of Mitutoyo's corporate motto, the company actively promotes greening activities at each domestic plant, and has received the following award.

  • Utsunomiya Plant Nature Protection Recognition Award