Corporate History

yehanMitutoyo – A history of metrology leadership

The world’s largest metrology company was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata with one product – the micrometer.

Mitutoyo’s philosophy at that time was to make the best mechanical micrometer in the world, and produce them in quantities that made them affordable and available to all of manufacturing to improve the quality of the products they manufactured. This philosophy was expanded in the next several decades to include a wider product offering focused on mechanical, dimensional and gauging products. Mitutoyo focused its R & D and production efforts on creating the most advanced micrometers, calipers, indicators and such in the world.

As electronic technology became more widespread in the 70s, Mitutoyo applied electronics to its line of dimensional gauging equipment and expanded it to include electronic (digital) measuring tools. During this time it also began to offer larger, more complex and more sensitive measuring instruments, including optical comparators, form measuring equipment, and coordinate measuring machines. As statistical process control (SPC) came into vogue, Mitutoyo led the world in the development of output gauges, interfaces, data collectors and analysis software to take advantage of this new metrology science.

Mitutoyo continues to focus on development and incorporation of the latest technologies into its product offering and push measuring accuracies into the sub-micron range. Today, Mitutoyo presents its 8,000+ products as integrated metrology systems, where they can be interconnected for form closed-loop measuring networks.

Mitutoyo America Corporation was formed in 1963 as the marketing arm of Mitutoyo in the United States. Mitutoyo America Corporation has combined the full product line of Mitutoyo with a distribution network, training and education classes, software development and service support to provide a comprehensive metrology organization

Mitutoyo Canada Inc. is the sole Canadian distributor of Mitutoyo products and has been established since 1973, originating in Montreal, Quebec and later moving to Mississauga in 1979. The main office of Mitutoyo Canada Inc. is located in a 50,000 sq. ft. facility on Meadowvale Blvd. in Mississauga and employs 63 staff. The space facilitates a spacious Metrology Centre, sales, service, repairs, administration and sales. Since 1986 Mitutoyo has a satellite office in Montreal, which includes a Metrology Centre and offices for sales and service. In addition to the Mississauga and Montreal offices, Mitutoyo Canada Inc. has sales staff located in British Columbia, Alberta and Windsor, Ontario.