Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Principle System

corp principle systemMitutoyo was founded in 1934 aiming to be the first corporation to manufacture micrometers in Japan. And this fact is reflected in our corporate motto. It is cherished by every employee to this day and was clearly described in the 1938 New Year's address delivered from the founder to users. This address was given the year after Mitutoyo had succeeded in manufacturing micrometers for the first time in Japan.

The Mitutoyo Philosophy

The Mitutoyo Corporate Philosophy is essentially the perpetual 'core values' that our organization and employees shall uphold.

It unites all the Mitutoyo Companies and their employees throughout the world in a common understanding and commitment. It consists of the following:

  1. Our Founding Spirit
    Our founder's wish as expressed upon the foundation of our Company.
  2. Our Management Principles
    The Company's mission and basic management objectives.
  3. Our Corporate Motto
    The Company's basic policy of management.
  4. Our Guiding Precepts
    A guide for implementing 'Our Management Principles'
  5. Ethical Conduct Code
    Rules of conduct to support our corporate ethics

Our Founding Spirit

To contribute to people's welfare through support of the advancement of Buddhist understanding.

To see that Mitutoyo excels in its field of expertise and in its business conduct throughout the world.

Our Principles

To contribute to the wellbeing of society through precision measurement technologies

We shall conduct our business based on the following values to:

  1. Provide solution engineering to support our client business development
  2. Contribute globally to the advancement of industrial measurement capability
  3. Cultivate healthy relationships and common prosperity with trading partners
  4. Support and promote global peace, human happiness and harmony with the environment.
  5. Apply business practices that reflect the integrity of Mitutoyo and our world leading brand.
  6. Nurture a vibrant corporate culture that inspires a passion in our personnel to do their best, to be the best.

Our Corporate Motto

“Good environment, Good people, Good technique”

Our Guiding Precepts

“Sincerity, Thoughtfulness, Determined Spirit”

Management Principle

  1. Aiming the best in the field of specialty

    aiming legexMitutoyo, which was a pioneer in manufacturing precision measuring equipment, aimed to become the best and has now grown to be the world's leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment. We have been pursuing the following manufacturing principle consistently since the foundation of our corporation: "Quality, Affordability, and Durability". However, this principle was not broad enough to embrace all the growing needs in these years. It became critical to develop a measurement technology that could keep pace with and actively promote the rapid progress of diverse technologies required by customers.

    Even though Mitutoyo is well thought of by users in technological terms, Mitutoyo must maintain its manufacturing lead by continuously revitalizing itself, and by keeping a challenging spirit so it remains a company full of creativity.

  2. Contributing to spiritual well-being through support of Buddhist missionary work

    international precision industry prizeBronze image of the International Precision Industry Prize
    Many hotel rooms in Japan and overseas are provided with the Christian Bible. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of hotels which provide an English version of the The Teaching of Buddha. Over 7 million copies of localized translations of "The Teaching of Buddha", including bilingual Japanese/English copies as well as Japanese-only and English-only copies, have been donated to hotels by a Japanese foundation called the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism. It is Society for the Promotion of Buddhism. (hereinafter called BDK), that donates millions of copies of the "The Teaching of Buddha", which has been translated into 40 languages.

    The BDK operates missionaries that are not restrained by sectarianism and with the aim of spreading Buddhist culture by, for example, offering courses on Buddhism in major universities all over the world. These universities include Harvard University and Oxford University. Mitutoyo supports this Buddhist missionary work as one of its corporate principles. Mitutoyo gives financial aid to support the activities of the BDK.

    In December 1991, Mitutoyo was awarded the International Precision Industry Prize (a bronze image shown in the photo) from "IIPP", which is an organization associated with UNESCO. This was the first time a Japanese corporation was awarded this prize. One of the reasons Mitutoyo received this award was that it had contributed not only to "industrial society" but also to " world peace and the prosperity of humankind through the creation of fund for Buddhist missionary work". This is a honorable result that Mitutyo's Mecena activities were evaluated.

Corporate Slogan

"Precision is our profession"

Corporate Motto

yehan portraitThe founder, Yehan Numata.

"Good environment, Good people, Good techniques"

The founder of Mitutoyo, Yehan Numata, who in the early days of the process of creation led his employees in manufacturing micrometers, took to deploy into his heart the importance of their devotion to the mission. "In order to create reliable products the best effort must be exercised in the education and training of people with respect to production" was his thought. This corporate motto also implies that good human resources can only be fostered in a good natural environment and a good working environment.

Founder's challenging mind

blueprint micrometerThe founder Yehan Numata started with a small 100m2 laboratory located in Kamata, Tokyo in 1934. His aim was to manufacture homemade micrometers.
Three years after founding the company and after trial and error associated with the exploration of new technology, he finally succeeded in producing first homemade micrometers and sold them throughout Japan. They included hand towels on which the phrase "The world's best Mitutoyo micrometer. Good, Inexpensive, and Durable" was printed. And the phrase has been realized.

In the Spirit of Mitutoyo

To become a complete man, one must acquire Wisdom,
Benevolence and Valor. With Wisdom only, one tends to be cold.
Benevolence alone makes one weaker. With Valor only,
one may reach beyond his capabilities. When the three qualities are combined, however,
one will become a complete man.
Similarly, success in enterprise lies in the knowledge of Heaven,
Earth and Man, Business will succeed only when these factors, "heaven sent" chances,
natural opportunities, and harmony of man are present.
Without even one factor, success is remote. In Buddhism,
Butsu (Buddha), Po (Doctrine) and So (Priest) are three
principle treasures for its promotion of the teaching.
In chiristianity, God, Bible and Minister.
The word MITUTOYO signifies three abundances.
"Mitsu" means three, while "Toyo" stands
for a state of abundance.
The name MITUTOYO was selected,
with a sincere wish to see more complete men,
to create a prosperous enterprise and to introduce
righteous religion to all,
along with the lasting wish for a peaceful world
and fulfillment of meaningful life.