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Mitutoyo's Newest Products & Technology

ST-46-EZA® Linear Encoders setup without oscilloscope

ST46-EZA Separate Scale

An ideal choice fo linear motion systems. Equipped with Mitutoyo's proprietary EZA® system, an oscilloscope is NOT required for setup.

Ko-ga-me® New concept 3D CNC measurement system


Ko-ga-me is a compact 3D CNC measuring system that can flexibly configure to almost any process.

SJ-310 Surface Tester with more parameters and colour display


With innovative new features including more parameters, large colour display screen, combined with high accuracy and a competitive price makes this surface roughness tester the new leader in its class.

Worlds first SOLAR Digimatic Indicator

Solar IDS

ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic Indicator combines, for the first time in an indicator, the convenience of ABS origin memory with "always ready" solar power to provide the highest levels of convenience.

World's first 0.1µm Micrometer for high accuracy measurements

New Hi acc mic

Enabling 0.1µm resolution measurement, this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a hand-held tool. Ideal for calibrating pin or plug gauges.

ScanMeasure Non-contact CNC CMM Measurement


This non-contact line laser probe teams with your Mitutoyo CNC coordinate measuring machine to enhance functionality in many applications including inspection, product development, prototyping and production.