5 Year Manual CMM Warranty

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In celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Mitutoyo Corporation headquarters in Japan, we are pleased to offer a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY for manual Coordinate Measuring machines sold in Canada in 2015. Look no further for the best value available in measurement products, with first-class backup support services. Warranty begins on the CMM installation date.

Free Renishaw Changer Rack

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Free Renishaw changer racks and probe modules with every new PH10 head purchased. Renishaw modular probing systems allow customers to select the best combination of probe and stylus configuration to suit each feature and component. Experience the additional benefits of module changing, and optimised performance with modular probing systems available from Renishaw. Free! Contact us for details.


U-WAVE Fit Introductory Promotion 2019

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Measurlink 9 Promotion 2019

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