Having properly operating, accurate metrology tools and instruments is imperative for dependable measurements and quality control. The highly skilled technicians at Mitutoyo provide fast, accurate and dependable repair service for Mitutoyo tools and instruments, backed by a 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

You can send your metrology tools that need repair directly to the Mitutoyo Canada repair service center or forward your tools through an authorized Mitutoyo distributor. Mitutoyo will provide an estimate for your approval before starting any repairs.

The general turnaround time for regular repairs is about two weeks. Warranty repairs are given special priority and will be repaired in three working days unless otherwise advised. It is important to mark any warranty repairs clearly and include a copy of the purchase order.

Shipping Costs

It is the responsibility of the tool owner to assume the costs of delivery to our facility.  The tool owner will also be responsible for the return shipping on all regular repairs. Warranty repairs will be returned at no cost to customer, via courier regular ground shipping.

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