Use of NIST Test Numbers on Calibration Certificates

Mitutoyo America Corporation calibration services has begun phasing out the use of NIST traceability test numbers on calibration certificates but will separately supply these numbers to any organization that still uses NIST numbers. The growth and acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services has phenomenally improved the technical rigor of worldwide traceability and has made the use of NIST numbers obsolete. This change will have no impact on the accredited status of the calibration services of Mitutoyo America, and we will continue to send primary masters to NIST to ensure our calibration services maintain the highest level of quality with industry-leading capability. Our NIST numbers will be updated upon receipt of new calibration certificates from NIST. For questions, please contact or call 888-648-8869.

Measuring Equipment and ParametersNIST Test Number
All sizes and types of Check Masters, ring gages, calipers, caliper checkers, squares, angle blocks, sine bars, height gages, specialty length gages, and field calibration of CMM, Contracer, and Formtracer units. All measuring equipment and standards over 20 inches or 500 mm except as specifically stated elsewhere.685-O-0000001470-20
(Mitutoyo master 1703300)
Inch gage blocks and measuring equipment calibrated in inch units up to 20 inches except as specifically stated elsewhere. All metric and inch sizes of plug gages, pin gages, thread wires, and spheres. 685-O-0000034629-21
(Mitutoyo masters MS028 and MS005)
Metric gage blocks and measuring equipment calibrated in metric units up to 500 mm except as specifically stated elsewhere. All line scales, pixel charts, radius gages, and other 2D standards. All form measurements and field calibration of Roundtest, Vision Measuring Equipment, Profile Projector, and Microscope units. 685-O-0000000362-19
(Mitutoyo masters MS029 and MS004)
Optical flats and flatness measurements.683/292348-18
(Mitutoyo master MM088)
Surface finish specimens and field calibration of Surftest units.685/292624-19
(Mitutoyo master MM035)