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The best way to understand the possibilities and benefits of Mitutoyo’s custom solutions is to explore your unique measurement needs and challenges. Complete this form to request a personalized virtual or in-person assessment to identify your ideal custom solutions.

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Customize Your Measurement Solution

Standard Products Alone May Not Always Solve Your Measurement Challenges

With newly expanded capabilities from Mitutoyo Custom Solutions, you can customize our products and technology to meet the demanding needs of your specific application.

Our experienced engineers will work directly with you to develop a system that integrates seamlessly with your specific environment—from your production line to your user interface and every step in between.

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Seamless Integration

Leveraging a catalog of over 8,500 products in tandem with non-Mitutoyo components, technology and software, we can provide custom solutions that seamlessly integrate your measurement systems with your production line and process.

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General Capabilities
  • Turnkey measurement solutions
  • Embedded vision
  • OEM and ruggedized sensor development
  • Environmental and safety protection systems
  • In-line inspection systems
  • Custom gauging
  • Sensor customization for extended speed and range
  • Non-contact and tactile sensor development
  • Temperature compensation
  • Customized and embedded software interfaces
  • Optical
  • Fixturing
  • AI Software
  • Electrical
  • FEA
  • Mechanical
  • FPGA & firmware
  • Robotics
  • Conveyance
  • Traceability input
  • Motion control
  • Production software
  • RIFD/barcode
  • Material handling
  • System monitoring
  • External I/O devices


From shop floor/lab CMM's and Form inspection equipment to non-contact Vision measuring systems and other instruments, Mitutoyo can develop a custom solution for virtually every measurement need.

Our Process


Our engineers evaluate your manufacturing application and assess your specific needs.


We identify existing Mitutoyo products, algorithms and software that can be modified (with non-Mitutoyo parts, if needed) to best suit your application.


Our team constructs the custom mechanical components and optimized embedded software and firmware elements—providing 3D CAD drawings or prototypes as a proof of concept.


We install and integrate your tailor-made solution into your facility and existing production process.

World Class Support & Custom Calibration

From training and troubleshooting to expert calibration and ongoing support, our comprehensive services will keep your equipment running and performing in peak condition.

Schedule a Custom Solutions Assessment

From customizing an existing product to developing completely new equipment, Mitutoyo can design, build and implement an inspection and measurement solution that perfectly fits your application. Schedule an in-person or virtual assessment with a Mitutoyo expert to discuss your unique needs.

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