Complex aerospace applications need fast, extremely precise quality control to ensure accurate assemblies. See how Mitutoyo makes it happen.

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automotive metrology solutions


The automotive industry continues to innovate, and Mitutoyo delivers the advanced inspection and scanning capabilities to help manufacturers achieve ongoing production.

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defense metrology solutions


The fully traceable metrology solutions from Mitutoyo allow defense manufacturers to meet strict governmental standards for mission-critical applications.

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electronics metrology solutions


The non-contact and vision measurement solutions from Mitutoyo bring microscopic accuracy to smaller and denser electronics components.

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energy metrology solutions


Mitutoyo’s measurement and analysis solutions are designed to help energy providers improve reliability and increase equipment uptime.

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machine tool metrology solutions

General Manufacturing

Ensure high repeatability and rigorous quality control with form measurement solutions, coordinate measuring machines and hand tools from Mitutoyo.

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To protect patient well-being, medical applications require exceptional accuracy. See how extensively tested solutions from Mitutoyo can help you achieve it.

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plastics metrology solutions

Plastics and Rubber

Maintain strict accuracy and repeatability in plastics manufacturing with Mitutoyo’s optical and low-force dimensional measurement solutions.

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