Electronic Industry Realities

As microprocessors, semiconductors and other electronic components become ever-smaller, the importance of accurate microscopy continues to grow. In small footprints, the margin of error for measurement accuracy is virtually nonexistent. Only the most sophisticated and high-resolution metrology solutions can deliver the precision necessary for success.

delicate components

Delicate Components

Today’s electronics manufacturers are tasked with delivering more processing power in less space—which requires smaller components, maximum efficiency and razor-sharp accuracy. Tiny components like wafers or comparators are often too fragile or sensitive for traditional contact metrology.

Rapid Iterations

Innovation moves fast in the electronics industry. Manufacturers must keep inspection speeds high to meet market demand and keep pace with new design elements. At the same time, these fast-moving and complex production processes must assure consistent accuracy and speed.

Mitutoyo’s Expertise

Measuring delicate components requires microscopic accuracy, and Mitutoyo brings over 80 years of expertise in precise, reliable measurement. From micrometers and vision lasers with 0.1m resolution to bench-type non-contact VMMs, our electronics and semiconductor metrology equipment helps manufacturers ensure accurate production.

High-res optical solutions with high-contrast images across a broad light spectrum

Streamlined data acquisition to enable faster inspection speeds

Non-contact and vision measurement for small or delicate components

Electronics Metrology Solutions by Mitutoyo

From advanced sensor scanning solutions to polarization microscopes with UV through NIR capabilities, Mitutoyo delivers the metrology solutions needed to keep the electronics industry on track and within tolerances.
Vision Measuring Machines

Find the best vision measuring system for your needs. Mitutoyo offers a wide array of high quality and accurate vision measuring systems.

Optical Measurement

Our high-resolution microscopes and profile projectors allow manufacturers to measure minuscule electronic components with high accuracy and repeatability.

Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily and accurately track and manage your measurements using a Mitutoyo data management system, MeasurLink.

Sensor Systems

As an industry-leading provider of contact and non-contact sensor systems, Mitutoyo can support your strictest measurement needs. Our probes, linear…

Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our best-in-class CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection of complex geometries.