The Mitutoyo Calibration Lab offers inspection services of your parts utilizing the same high-end measuring equipment and facility that provides traceable calibrations of your measurement standards. Have a complex prototype part? Looking for a more accurate measurement? Need a third-party to sort out a dispute? Utilizing some of the most sophisticated measuring equipment available, the experts at Mitutoyo are ready for your toughest measurement challenge.

Our focus on contract inspection is on complex and tightly toleranced features. Our contact and vision CMMs have measuring ranges up to 1600 mm and have measurement uncertainties as low as 0.25 µm. For form measurement, we can measure as accurately as just 5 nm – that’s 5 nanometers or 0.005 µm (or 0.2 µin). In combination with these capabilities, our team has access to a large variety of Mitutoyo equipment, including surface roughness, optical comparators, height gages, etc. Mitutoyo Canada is controlled good certified. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your part measurement needs.

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