Defense Industry Realities

Accurate production of defense applications, both mechanical and electronic, is life-critical. Not only are military operators at risk, but so is the success of the entire mission. Meeting stated standards for production quality and safety is a major challenge, but failing to do so can’t be an option.

Strict Governmental Standards

Defense manufacturers have no shortage of documented standards to adhere to: ISO 9001, AS9100 and its derivatives, ITAR compliant and more. The most accurate and reliable defense metrology solutions are needed to make sure that each component is fully in compliance.

Budgetary Restrictions

Strict budgets are nothing new to defense manufacturers, but that doesn’t mean standards can be allowed to slip. Manufacturers face a tough challenge: maintaining the highest level of accuracy, while still producing quickly, efficiently and at a lower overall cost.

Mitutoyo’s Expertise

Mitutoyo has been setting international standards in traceability and calibration for decades. Starting from a flawless base of traceability, we deliver the exceptional accuracy the defense industry needs to maintain compliance.

NIST traceability to support standards-driven metrology processes

Seamless integration of hardware and software with standards-based quality

Industry-leading solutions for measuring advanced or composite materials and complex products

Defense Metrology Solutions by Mitutoyo

The advanced contact and non-contact metrology solutions from Mitutoyo bring unmatched precision to virtually any defense or aerospace application, from military vehicles to high-tech ISR applications and beyond.
Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our best-in-class CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection of complex geometries.

Form Measuring

Mitutoyo’s sophisticated form measuring solutions are ideal for accurately assessing complex geometry. Whether you’re measuring form shape, roundness or surface…

Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily and accurately track and manage your measurements using a Mitutoyo data management system, MeasurLink.

Vision Measuring Machines

Find the best vision measuring system for your needs. Mitutoyo offers a wide array of high quality and accurate vision…

Optical Measurement

Our high-resolution microscopes and profile projectors allow manufacturers to measure minuscule electronic components with high accuracy and repeatability.

Sensor Systems

As an industry-leading provider of contact and non-contact sensor systems, Mitutoyo can support your strictest measurement needs. Our probes, linear…

Test Equipment

The accurate, user-friendly testing equipment solutions from Mitutoyo set the industry benchmark for most standardized testing methods. No matter the…

Linear Encoders and DRO Systems

Whether you need to retrofit existing equipment for greater accuracy or bring ultimate precision to machine tool applications, the digital…

Flexible, Efficient Measurement for Defense Gages

The Naval Surface Warfare Center produces interface gages that certify weapon interchangeability on field devices and deployed ships, which means absolute accuracy is essential. See how a flexible, ultra-precise CMM solution from Mitutoyo helped improve productivity and precision, while lowering costs by 40 percent.

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