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Mitutoyo's Newest Products & Technology

AOS Digimatic Standard Caliper


The new standard Digimatic Caliper now with same AOS induction type encoder used in our top-of-the-line coolant proof calipers


QM High Performance Height Gauge

QM Height

Best-in-class accuracy +/- (2.4+ 2.1L/600)µm and introducing built-in pneumatic float models, for smooth movement along the surface plate.


MiCat Planner

MiCat Planner

Automatic program generation software. Changing the world of inspection...with a single click!

MeasurLink 8 Real-Time SPC software

 Measurlink 8

MeasurLink 8 is the replacement for MeasurLink 7 including Real-Time, Process Analyzer, Process Manager, Gage R&R and Gage Management.