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Website Terms & Conditions

Before using this website, please read the following.

  1. The published information has been checked for accuracy prior to publishing, but Mitutoyo Corporation (hereafter, "Company") makes no guarantees of any kind with regard to accuracy or completeness. Therefore, to perform any kind of business or contract related to the published information, it is necessary to consult beforehand a Company sales representative for confirmation and agreement drafting purposes.
  2. The published information is subject to updates and changes at any time. This does not mean, however, that all the published information is the latest information.
  3. This website may contain information about Company products, programs, or services not announced and/or provided countries other than Japan, but this does not necessarily mean that the Company plans to announce and/or provide these products, programs, or services overseas.
  4. If you download software from this website for updating purposes, the software usage method is as described in the license and user's manual included with the packaged product that was purchased. If electing to perform updates by downloading software from this website, the customer should follow the procedure supplied by the Company. The Company however makes no guarantees regarding the update operation and the update results, and the customer is to perform such updates on his/her sole responsibility.
  5. The Company does not intend users to obtain confidential information through this website. Except for personal information as defined in "Protection of Personal Information on the Web," information such as ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques, etc., transmitted to the Company through this website is not considered to be confidential and will be handled as information that users agree can be freely used by the Company.
  6. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever regarding any and all websites that can be accessed from this website. Moreover, the Company will not be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this website (including all other linked websites).

Mitutoyo Canada Inc.

Conditions of Sale

  1. Acceptance of Orders: No order howsoever placed shall bind Mitutoyo Canada Inc. (hereinafter called the "Company") unless and until accepted by the Company.
  2. Price: Prices are for merchandise F.O.B. original point of shipment. Prices, quotations and pricing agreements are subject to change without notice and will be applied as in effect at the time of shipment.
  3. Packing: Charge will be made when special packing is required. No allowance shall be made for any omission of packing or crating not specifically ordered.
  4. Taxes: Federal sales tax and all other taxes applying to the sale of merchandise by the Company will be added to invoice unless a signed exemption certificate is on hand.
  5. Payment: Except as otherwise indicated on the face of invoice, terms of payment are 30 days following the date of invoice on approved credit. All payments are due on a net basis. A service charge of 24% per annum calculated and payable monthly, will be levied against all past due accounts. The company may change, alter or modify the time of payment for merchandise or any agreement for extension of credit or may require partial or full payment prior to assembling or shipping any goods notwithstanding any contrary conditions specified in any order or sale. Minimum billing charge is $100.00. The Company shall not be obligated to ship any merchandise unless and until the Company is satisfied of the credit-worthiness of the purchaser.
  6. Title: Title to all merchandise shall remain with the Company until the merchandise are fully paid for in accordance with these conditions of sale. The purchaser shall execute and deliver such acknowledgements of title as may be requested by the Company. In the event the purchaser should default in payment, the Company shall have the right to repossess the merchandise at the expense of the Purchaser, and shall be entitled to retain any monies paid up to date of such repossession as liquidated damages.
  7. Warranty: Merchandise, equipment and accessories not manufactured by the Company are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer's warranty. The Company will not be responsible for any damage or losses, direct or indirect, arising in contract or in part from any cause whatsoever, or careless handling nor for labour, transportation or other charges incurred in the replacement or repair of effective parts, and there are no warranties or conditions, express or implied, under the Sale of Goods Act or otherwise applicable to products except as expressly stated herein. The Company will not be responsible for any statements that are made or published, written or oral, which are misleading or inconsistent with the facts as published in the literature or specifications furnished by the Company.
  8. Risk: All merchandise shall be deemed shipped and/or delivered to Purchaser at the time they are placed in the hands of a carrier for delivery to the purchaser or his order and all responsibility for loss, damage or destruction of any of said merchandise is thereupon assumed by the Purchaser. The Company shall not be liable for any delay in shipping or delivery of merchandise.
  9. Shipping: If routing of shipment is specified on Customer's order, it will be followed whenever practicable. Otherwise, routing subject to our choice.
  10. Claims: No claim may be made that the merchandise delivered are not in accordance with the order placed unless made within 10 days after the said merchandise are delivered to the destination specified in the shipping documents. No liabilities are assumed beyond replacement of defective merchandise.
  11. Cancellation: No orders or sales may be cancelled without the consent of the Company. At the Company's option, cancelled orders are subject to payment of cancellation charges equal to all cost incurred by the Company to the date of cancellation, including a reasonable allowance for overhead computed on the basis of accepted accounting methods.
  12. Return of Merchandise: Permission must be obtained in writing from the Company before any merchandise is returned. Any merchandise being returned after 12 months from invoice date will not be accepted. All transportation charges shall be borne by the customer. New unused material of current design accepted by the Company for credit is subject to a restocking charge of at least 15%. Further adjustments will be made if goods are returned in depreciated condition.
  13. Conditions: All orders accepted and made by the Company are accepted and/or made upon and subject to those conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing. In all cases of conflict between these conditions and the requirements of the purchase order, these conditions shall prevail.
  14. Governing Law: The relationship of the Company and the purchaser shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.


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